Imagine what life, love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness mean to us all. It Is what we live for in America, and education grants us these rights with hard work, passion, and a willing desire to succeed.

Gradu8 believes in your goals and accomplishments, and the goal is to address academic attainment and promote a culture of individuals inspired to pursue higher levels of education.

We manufacture and sell unique products with a symbol that exemplifies motivational and academic attainment. The lines of clothing inspire, innovative fashion, appealing concepts, and quality materials that embody your goals and accomplishments. It is the belief that Students from all ages to every walk of life across the globe can wear Gradu8 Apparel with an immense sense of achievement.

Gradu8 Apparel "Wear it with pride!"

American Statistics

In 1990, according to the United States National Center for Education Statistics, 1,940,106 College degrees awarded. In 2000, 2,384,729 college degrees awarded; this shows a twenty-percent increase over a decade. In 2007, 3,007,493 college degrees awarded, so Americans have shown a substantial increase in graduation from Colleges & Universities in the last decade and Gradu8 will be on the forefront of influence over the next.

Inspire an academic lifestyle.

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The Evolution of Knowledge
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